Sufficiency-Economy Agriculture Museum

The Sufficiency-Economy Agriculture Museum is inspired by the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) and features a number of healthy gardens, treehouses, riverside markets, bamboo houses, and walkways for visitors to enjoy the natural surroundings. The functional theory of Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) is applicable to 1 Rai of land, urban agriculture (e.g. rooftop, terrace, and sustainable methods), natural material dwellings (e.g. clay and straw houses), rice cultivation techniques, self-sufficient advanced technology, and horticultural markets.

These outdoor museums are based on real-life interactions, with exhibits demonstrating safe and proven methods of agriculture. On-site practical educational programs are offered to visitors.

The 1 Rai land model.

Clay and straw houses.

Self-sufficiency innovative house.

Traditional Thai houses in four regions.